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Website Requirements

The supported and tested browsers for the WCRA website and portals are listed below.

Other mainstream browsers should be compatible as well but have not been tested by the WCRA, nor are they supported. Given Microsoft’s plan to end support for Internet Explorer (Click here for more information), the WCRA has discontinued support for it as well.

Regardless of browser, you may experience performance or functionality issues if your browser is outdated, and these issues could vary depending on the version you are running. Please contact your IT department if you believe you have an old browser and need help updating it to the latest version.

WCRA portals use cookies to facilitate website navigation. To enable cookies, contact your IT department for assistance.

This site will function better if pop-up blockers are turned off. If you need assistance disabling pop-up blockers, please contact your IT department.

WCRA portals require a username and password for access.

To be able to view reports, you will need Adobe Reader (Click here for the latest version) or another PDF viewer installed.

NOTICE: This site and its contents are confidential and proprietary to the WCRA. Only authorized users are permitted to access this site. Users are obligated to use this site and its contents solely in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement established by the WCRA.