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eMember Site

The eMember site is a secure website that can only be accessed after an eMember account has been created for you. This is a free service.  To apply, click here . By becoming an eMember, you can

access claims related information:

  • Access your claims reported to the WCRA, and can easily find how much money the WCRA has reimbursed on a claim and/or whether there are outstanding reimbursements.
  • Submit a Loss Reporting form and/or Reimbursement Request on-line.
  • Get access to guidebooks about medical and rehabilitation issues for spinal cord, brain, amputation, burn injuries, chronic pain, and home health care.
  • View the retention limits you selected for the years you have been a WCRA member.
  • Access Advanced CompCalc, TPD Calc, and DepCalc, where basic data in automatically entered on claims reported to the WCRA.
  • View the contact information the WCRA has on file for your organization.
  • Send secure email with attachments. 
  • Receive electronic versions of your WCRA diary and daily letters.


access premium related information:

  • Learn how your current exposure and premium was calculated.
  • Examine your own detailed historic policy information, such as retention, exposure base, premium and, for self-insured members, experience rating modification factor information.
  • Use Advanced PremCalc, which can help you determine your organization's estimated WCRA reinsurance premium for the next coverage year.
  • View the contact information the WCRA has on file for your organization.

NOTICE: This site and its contents are confidential and proprietary to the WCRA. Only authorized users are permitted to access this site. Users are obligated to use this site and its contents solely in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement established by the WCRA.